TOMUN 2021

Quinta partecipazione del Monti all’edizione annuale del TOMUN , organizzata dalla International School of Turin, per la prima volta in forma virtuale.


martedì, 09 febbraio 2021

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Venti dei nostri studenti si sono cimentati per due giorni nei comitati ECOSOC (economico-sociale), WHO (Organizzazione Mondiale della Sanità), Security Council (Consiglio di Sicurezza) e ENVIRONMENTAL (ambientale) per discutere e trovare soluzioni a problemi quanto mai attuali:

  • ECOSOC: the question of implementing measures to eradicate slavery and forced labour; the question of ensuring access to education during the pandemic

  • WHO: the question of ensuring equitable resource allocation during the COVID-19 pandemic ; measures to encourage vaccination and counter the rising cases of measles

  • SECURITY COUNCIL: addressing the Lake Chad basin crisis;measures to resolve the Lebanon crisis

  • ENVIRONMENTAL: The question of implementing effective environmental management techniques to reduce the problems of fire; implementing measures to maintain and protect biodiversity

Ci congratuliamo con tutti gli studenti che hanno seguito il corso di preparazione con grande serietà e hanno partecipato in modo attivo e costruttivo per trovare soluzioni ai problemi proposti.

In particolare i nostri complimenti vanno a:

FechaKautar (5DSC) e Moro Massimiliano (4BLL) , premiati come BEST DELEGATES dei rispettivi comitati; Andrea Coman (5BLL) e Lucia Vittone (5DSC) , che hanno ricevuto una HONOURABLE MENTION .

Come sempre ringraziamo la IST, in particolare Elaine Walker, per l’efficienza organizzativa e la disponibilità dimostrata.

Infine, qualche commento a caldo dai protagonisti:

I would never have imagined that I would have enjoyed this experience so much, since I was terrified of speaking in formal English in front of very prepared people whom I did not know. (Chiara)

This two-day event really helped me in being more self-confident when talking in front of many people. Also, I found out that I’d love to have a job in which I have to discuss various topics and also I have to use English, of course! (Erica)

Great experience! I found really intriguing people with stimulating ideas and debated with them. Loved it! If I had the possibility, I would definitely participate again! (Giulia)

Personally, I expected this year to be different, but it came out to be great. As a committee team we have been able to have all our proposals pass, and also one of us was awarded an honourable mention.It was a great experience. I met a lot of people I can learn from and I can’t wait to start again next year trying to do even better.(Jacopo)

Honestly before the beginning of the virtual meeting I was trembling, but then it was quite natural and I had so much fun. This experience helped me to boost my confidence and to improve my communication skills. (Chiara)

Thank you Mrs Iwaszczuk and Mrs Priotti for having motivated us so much in the previous months! It's completely thanks to your energy if I won the nomination as best delegate.  I really recommend students, especially from the 3rd to the 5th years of our school, to partecipate.(Kautar)

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience! I’m really really glad I decided to take part in it. It also made me realize what I really want to do in life (Diana)

Even though it was virtual, this experience was amazing, serious and funny at the same time, where I had the chance to practice my English and interact with new people. (Valentina)

I really enjoyed this experience because I improved my English and I made new friends.(Giulia)

It was challenging for sure, and that is one of the things I appreciated the most about it. I am redoing Tomun next year and I am going to suggest it to others! (Matilde)

For me it was incredible, I met awesome people and worked really well with them. I'm also super happy for being the best delegate, I was not expecting it at all. I didn't even know there was some sort of prize. Thank you so much! (Massimiliano)

I’m always glad to take part in such initiatives, viewing also that being a UN delegate is my “dream work”. (Vittoria)

The overall experience was very stimulating and I personally enjoyed debating real world problems with many competent people. I would definitely recommend TOMUN to a friend. (Federico)




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